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Our Unique Company Culture

Honda respects people as individual. We value your creativity and your dreams. We support your personal development.

From the day the company was founded, Honda has nurtured an enterprising spirit, and a free, open minded atmosphere.

At Honda, You're a Valued Associate, not an employee.

That means you're valued as an individual and that your ideas and experiences within the workplace are recognised as having value for all of us.

In Honda you can bring forward ideas that help everyone in the company.

The Power of Dreams is the power to succeed both personally and corporately. It's so fundamental to Honda that the phrase appears worldwide on all our advertising, brochures and other sales materials.

We want to help make your dreams into reality and at the same time as you attain your dreams, you'll be making a real contribution to helping make Honda's dreams into reality.

"When you run out of dreams, there will be no more meaning to life. That is why I will keep striving for some goals until I die. One must keep chasing one's dreams"

Soichiro Honda

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